Table Tools Excel Add-In

What is it?

The Table Tools add-in was designed to make your life with tables easier.  It installs a TOOLS ribbon tab right next to the DESIGN ribbon tab when you select a table cell.* In it you’ll find functionality previously either difficult or non-existent in Excel.

* The ribbon tab is contextual, meaning it only appears when you select a cell in an actual table.


What does it do?

With over two dozen utilities, Table Tools will help you use Excel tables like you never have before. The following are just some of the features included in the add-in:

  • Add a running total column
  • Insert an [autonumber] ID column
  • Add suffix/prefix data to all cells in a column
  • Select any table element
  • Move table rows/column easily
  • Easily insert/delete columns/rows
  • AutoFit or distribute all table column widths
  • Print only the table
  • Clear sorts
  • Clear filters
  • Toggle filter on/off
  • Copy table style to another workbook
  • Reset table formatting
  • Clear table formatting
  • Format Painter for table styles

These are just some of the functionality with Table Tools.


How can I get it?

At this time the beta group is closed. If you have any questions please let us know.


Will it work with my Excel?

We support Excel 2010 – 2016 (PC) 32 and 64-bit.

We are actively working on functionality for Mac Excel (2016).