The Book

What’s In It?

Excel Tables: A Complete Guide for Creating, Using, and Automating Lists and Tables, was designed to explain everything tables touch in Excel. Because of this, it covers a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Table rules, behavior & anatomy
  • Formulas & structured references
  • Table styles
  • Sorting, filtering & slicers
  • External data
  • VBA
  • Tables on Office Mobile
  • Tables on a Mac (iOS and iPad versions)

Also, you’ll find many pitfalls of tables, and how to avoid them with workarounds.

Excel Tables cover

Why Would I Want It?

If you use Excel, no matter if you’re a beginner or expert, you’ll learn something about tables from this book. Learn to use one of the most under-utilized features of Excel, and be a boss with your spreadsheets.

How Do I Get It?

There are a few ways you can get your hands on this book.


MrExcel Bookstore



The book is packed with a ton of great info. Here is the chapter list. We tried to cover the majority of things which Tables touch.

  1. What Are Tables?
  2. Table Behavior and Anatomy
  3. Working with Tables
  4. Table Formulas
  5. Pivoting with Tables
  6. Sorting, Filtering, and Using Slicers
  7. Table Formatting
  8. Working with External Data
  9. Automating Tables with VBA
  10. Tables in Excel Online
  11. Tables on Mac, iPad, and Office Mobile

Sample Files

All sample data in the book is available for free download with the links below. They were created in Excel 2013, and some use functionality specific to this version. Almost all of the functionality is compatible back to Excel 2007. Some of the functionality will not work with Mac Excel.