EE Micro Tutorials are live

Experts Exchange (EE) has released their Micro Tutorials, which can be found at

What are Micro Tutorials?

They’re basically 5-min instructional videos, which give step-by-step directions on how to accomplish a specific task. The topics range from Excel, to other Office applications, to Exchange Server, to SQL Server, to basic WordPress SEO, to virtual machines and clouds, etc. Almost anything technology related can be found there. If there’s a place to ask questions at EE for it there’s probably a Micro Tutorial for it. They blogged about it here.

Whether this is new information, or just keeping current on knowledge, Micro Tutorials are a big ticket item these days. They’re direct and to-the-point, which allows people the flexibility to watch them in short increments and absorb more material, without having to sit through a full-blown course and learn everything about a topic area. These are highly focused and can be engaged on a coffee break.

And this is newsworthy because…?

Touché. The real reason I’m typing about this today is because there are a number of these videos I did on Excel. One of them being on Tables in Excel. This is a very, very basic course on what a Table is and how to create one. Nothing fancy, no frills, just the basics.

Tables in Excel Micro Tutorial

Anything else?

Actually yeah, there is! These videos are 100% free. So please, share them wherever you can. (You may need to have an EE account, which is free to setup.)

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