PASS BA Conference 2015

If you haven’t heard of it, Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) is a non-profit organization run by people like you and me—the community. It’s simple really, bring people together who use Microsoft data platform tools and try to deliver high quality content to them. One way they do that is through a Business Analytics (BA) conference once a year. This year it will be held in Santa Clara, California April 20-22nd, 2015. While this is a SQL Server community, a lot of their membership are Excel-heavy users. As such they have Excel specific tracks, and to speak at those are leading industry experts.

Excel speakers

You may recognize some of these speakers from around the Excel community. They are BI/BA Excel experts from all over the world:

  • Bob Phillips
  • Chandoo (Purna Duggirala)
  • Rob Collie
  • Bill Jelen
  • Avi Singh
  • Rick Grantham
  • Oz du Soleil
  • Jordan Goldmeier
  • Matt Allignton
  • Ken Puls
  • Zack Barresse

My session

I will be speaking in a 60 minute session: Advanced Excel Add-Ins.


Anybody can create an add-in for Excel. They’re fast to create and easy to setup. Creating one which will work right out of the gates can take some time. In this session we will discuss an overview of “why” and “when” to go the route of an add-in. This session will assume you already know what an add-in is and how to create one, and will be targeted to a more advanced audience, perhaps those who’ve already created several add-ins.

In many cases your business may have a resident Excel expert on-hand, or that might even be you. Going for outside help or consultancy can be an extremely expensive endeavor (not to mention how many bad developers there are). This means any add-in need which comes up could be handled by the resident guru. Is that you?

Ranging from logical coding scenarios to shared add-ins over a network, this session will have pearls for your guru. Add-ins can give your tools a beautiful and elegant UI and save you and your users countless hours of work by automating tasks.

Why attend?

There will truly be some great content and industry leading experts. Reasons people attend PASS BA:

  • Network. Meet industry leaders and people like yourself who share the same business challenges.
  • Learn. Get best-practice methods, learn time saving techniques, all from those who have been there and done that.
  • Skills. Stay current with technology and how you can make it work for you. Become the office guru.
  • Pulse. Hear from leaders of Microsoft and the community and keep your finger on the technological pulse.
  • Inspiration. Meet people just like you, share issues, gain insight, and become a better analytics professional.


No, it’s not free, although the pricing is competitive. Take a look at it here:

If you do register, use this discount code to save $150: BASPBARRESSE

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